Old Town, Hastings

The British Tea Museum

Celebrating the customs & manners of British Teatime

EFL Students Welcome Back!

We welcome back all of our EFL students and wish to give special recognition to the many German students who have attended our popular Tea Experience.

We want to give special thanks to the teachers and students of S.E.T Studienreisen whose support over the years helped establish The Tea Museum.

The Great British Tea Ceremony

The Tea Museum is a registered Tourist Attraction with 1066 Country. We offer a 90 minute tea experience, known as “The Great British Tea Ceremony” and cater to groups of between 20 to 70 seated guests. We have entertained up to 55,000 Visitors to Britain, and work with a variety of Tea Suppliers, including Earl Grey's family, to bring you the finest teas from throughout the world.

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The British Tea Museum celebrates the customs and manners of Teatime and laments and acknowledges the brutal acts of The East India Company and our Colonial Tea History.