Celebrating the Customs and Manners of British Teatime

Lectures, Online Tours & Presentation

Rebecca Gildea, founder of The British Tea Museum, is delighted to celebrate the customs and manners of British Teatime. Join us in this 75-minute tour and demonstration.

Introduction and slide presentation (20 minutes)

A chronological history of teas arrival on British Shores, from 1601 to present day: Journey through Social History of tea and discover how this medicinal beverage helped shaped the British economy along with the customs and manners of British Society.

Demonstration of Afternoon Tea & Etiquette (35 minutes)

  • Deportment, Countenance, Composure & Conversation – The Art of Conversation.
  • The traditions of Afternoon Tea, HighTea, Low Tea or Cream Tea.
  • Dining Customs and manners.
  • Real leaf teas v Tea bags.
  • Tea essentials and what you can and can’t do without.
  • The Philosophy of Teaism and what WE lose if we lose this important rituals.

Closing and Q&A (15 minutes)

“Courtesy is more than a gesture of politeness; it’s a mindful outreach towards another person’s feelings. It extends beyond cultural norms and physical boundaries.”
The British Tea Museum